{minipolls uitheme=”vader” id=”thisJoomlaInstallationWas” title=”This Joomla! installation was…”} Absolutely simple|| Reasonably easy|| Not straight-forward but I worked it out|| I had to install extra server stuff||I had no idea and got my friend to do it|| My dog ran away with the README … {/minipolls}

Do not forget to set the “id” attribute. Your poll is recognized by this unique identifier.

How to set a custom poll title?

Just specify the “title” attribute.

{minipolls title="Kako ste zadovoljni s prenovljeno stranjo?"}

I want to change the theme. How can I do that?

All themes are based on a famous jQuery UI ThemeRoller and distributed by Core Design Scriptegrator plugin. There is an “uitheme” attribute (inline override) so don’t be afraid to use it.

{minipolls uitheme="ui-lightness"} or {minipolls uitheme="vader"}

Teme si lahko ogledaš na http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/, klikni na zavihek Gallery

How do I adjust the poll width?

Core Design Mini Polls plugin is a very flexible piece of work. If you wanna change the poll width (each poll has 250px width by default), use a “progressbar_width” override.

{minipolls progressbar_width="300px"} {minipolls progressbar_width="15em"} {minipolls progressbar_width="60%"}
You can use any of available CSS notation.  

Is there a way how to enable multiple votes on the same poll?

“multiple_voting” attribute does the trick.

{minipolls multiple_voting="1"}