What you know about yourself is tremendously lacking. By reading the book »Man is more« you will start to understand this fact. The meaning of knowledge of oneself is priceless. Civilization has found itself in serious trouble primarily because of our lack of knowledge of real human nature. This very knowledge lifts us above the suffering, hardship and our own smallness, and reveals to us our own inherent gifts of which we now do not yet realise.

Man is so much more, than one can imagine in today’s world. But how could you know – up until now they have raised you in such a way that they have shielded you from this realization. It is easy to manipulate an ignorant man. What you need – as in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty – is a kiss of knowledge and love, and you will awake from an everlasting sleep, and shine in a totally new image.

This book is not merely just one more from the flood of spiritual guide books that preach spiritual learning. It is distinguished by the way we see the world as a whole, according to our human abilities, of course. No mind concept, that includes human restriction can be suitable. No explaination of reality, that does not touch the essence of the human being provides the right answers because it lacks in the essential element. We must reach beyond these restrictions, remove the veil we are wrapped up in and see ourselves for who we really are and the world for what it is, and offer the insight, that uncovers the horizon to the final frontiers.

The book »Man is more« is a product of the writer’s lifes work, with which he wishes to offer the answers to the most important questions of life, and thus ease the search for those who are lost in a sea of information. In twelve chapters he covers topics that are most meaningful in life. After the critical introductory of certain valid concepts, the author offers an explanation of how the mechanisms of our consciousness work, how our intelect, life energy and our identity operate. He reveales a new mind system in whole, which interprets both the outside and inside world as a unity, continuously and convincingly. It depicts the reconstruction of the history of man and history of the world because only by knowing our past can we avoid repeating the same old mistakes. Even the Holy Bible in the light of these new interpretations becomes simple and easy to understand to the practical intelect of the demanding modern human being. The last chapters are oriented to discussing the questions that hide the meaning of our whole evolution: to understand the divine nature of the human being and his essence.

Today, we are in need of such knowledge that qualifies us to realize our higher, more complicated, more inventive ideas; the knowledge that allows us to separate ourselves from ignorance, suffering and pain, so we can deal with our delusions and illnesses. We have to open our conscious to the truly steady, divine nature and potential, that are the reflection of a higher dimensional being. We have to realize that the human being is far from being limited only to dimensions that hold true for this physical world; time and space cannot limit the spiritually developed human.

The book Man is more is a first class spiritual feast for the modern man. It uses simple words that everybody can understand, and reaches out to everybody who is aware, that the »sleeping« time is over.


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